Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I have to be a member to participate? 
No! No special membership is needed….Anyone can participate in any Digz Event!

Where is Digz Located?
We use a variety of different facilities and locations throughout the area. Indoor events are scattered around the SF area. Our sand events are always held at the sand courts 5120 e 10th St in Sioux Falls

Where do I find info about leagues and tournaments?
We got you covered! We host A LOT of volleyball events, so sometimes it is hard to keep up! We post all of our indoor event under the indoor tournament info page. The sand leagues are under the Sand League page. You can also sign up to get latest announcements under the contact page. Lastly, we post all of our events on our Digz Volleyball Association Facebook page.

I have never played volleyball. Can I play?
Volleyball is a great social sport and can be played by anyone! If you have never played, it is very easy to meet new people playing VB, and teams that are always looking for more players. You may want to start in our Rec events to get comfortable and go from there!

I don’t have a team. Can I still play?
Depending on the event, most of the time you’ll need to sign up a full team to play. But we do offer our popular MadHatter event that allows you to sign up as a individual and we’ll take care of the rest! We run 2-4 of these events a year. Watch our tournament info page for the next MadHatter!

I am looking for a player or a team. What are my options?
We have a match maker page on the website that allows players and teams to use if they are either looking for a player or a team. You can also use event pages on Facebook to post if you’re available to play, or if you’re looking for a player.

What is the cost to enter a Digz event?
Cost varies by type of event. Check out the tournament info page or league info page for event specific pricing

I would like to know more about a event or have a general question. Who do I contact?
Sounds great! Reach out to Paul and he will answer anything in his power 🙂 Feel free to email or use the contact form and I’ll follow up!  You can also check out and follow Digz Volleyball on Facebook for announcements.

Indoor Volleyball Questions

Does Digz have indoor volleyball leagues? Is it for youth and adult?
At this time we only run adult indoor volleyball tournaments and 1-2 day adult events.

How long do the tournaments last?
Depending on the format, generally speaking, our Saturday tournaments will run from 8:30 – 5:30. Our Friday night events usually run from 6:00 – 10:00 pm

What level of play are the tournaments?
Unless otherwise noted, our tournaments are for every level of play! We usually try to break up the upper/lower  teams to allow similar teams to play each other at some point in the tournament. We do run some tournaments that are specific to one level of play, but that will be noted on the tournament info page.

Sand Volleyball Questions

When do sand leagues start and end?
We try to begin our leagues in mid-May and they conclude in early September. We do have a Fall league that will run from early September to October. The Junior 2-on-2 leagues will conclude in early August so it doesn’t interfere with school or school VB.

What times does each game start?
Depending on the league, we have games that start around 6:15 and the last game concludes around 9:30. We do our best to schedule each team so they don’t have all early, or all late games. If you play in a Sunday league, games start around 5:00 and go until 9:00.

Do you offer concessions?
We do have a small concessions stand at the sand volleyball facility. We mostly offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, with a few snacks also available. You are allowed to bring your own water or food into the sand grounds. Please don’t make us ask you to leave because you bring in your own alcohol. Also, please no sunflower seeds unless you have someplace to put the shells.

Is there staff at the sand courts?
There are workers at the concession stand to help with beverages, etc. This staff is not familiar with volleyball rules and does not make decisions on anything volleyball related…that all goes through Paul. Please reach out to Paul if you have questions, concerns, etc etc.

Do we play in bad weather?
We do have a weather policy in place. These are general rules and things could change, all weather related decisions will be made by Paul. We will play when temps are above 55 degrees and below 100. We do play in light rain. When lightning is within 5 miles, we cancel or postpone the games. There is a announcement on the top of the league schedule/standings page that will say if “we are playing” or “game cancelled”. This will be the only communication to teams about weather unless games start on a specific night, but then are cancelled later in that same night, each team will be contacted.

What level should I sign my team up for?
We offer three different levels for sand leagues and tournaments. BB is the highest league and is recommended for experienced VB players that follow all rules. Most players in this league have 3+ years experience of playing competitive volleyball. B is the middle league. Players in this league still follow all rules, but might be newer to the game or not want to play quite as competitive, fast paced game. Rec is the entry level league. This is for players that are new to the game, or are just looking to get out of the house, have some fun and drink a beer. Rules are more relaxed, but net violations are always illegal for the safety of our players. If you are wondering what level to sign up for, reach out to Paul!

What is 2-on-2 volleyball?
One of our most popular leagues is the 2-on-2 leagues…this is the same style of VB you see in the Olympics! Even though none of us have made the Olympic team yet, it is still a blast to play and a great way to improve your skills and techniques! We offer Men’s, Women’s, Adult Coed and Youth Girls 2-on-2 leagues. Don’t worry, games are played on a smaller court. Great physical activity and great for the Youth Girls who want to expand their volleyball skill.

My Youth girl has so much going on in the summer, how can we fit 2-on-2 volleyball in? 
We offer a semi-customized schedule for the Youth teams. We know they have a lot going on with summer vacations, indoor club volleyball and camps. We will contact each team prior to making the schedule so we can try to get them their 8 matches in before tournament play! Sometimes girls will play double-headers to get those 8 matches in.

Are there coaches for the youth league?
We like to give the girls freedom to learn the game without the pressure from coaches. We do offer a one hour intro to 2’s volleyball prior to league starting. Paul is also present most of the youth leagues to give pointers and help the girls adjust to the 2-on-2 game.

Are there refs for the leagues?
All leagues, Adult and Youth, are call your own leagues. We do have a general rules page link here Tournament Rules  The youth leagues will have a clinic to go over the rules prior to the season. If you have any questions on rules please reach out to Paul. If there is any conflict of the rules between the two teams, please redo the point.

My fingers are tired 🙂 Please reach out to me if you have any other questions! I’m available almost anytime of day to help!