I try my best to work around other activities so all the teams get in 6-8 matches. Please complete the form below with a yes or no if your team will make it that particular week. Once info is compiled, I will work on the final schedule. Please complete by April 14th.

It is encouraged that the 2’s teams have a sub or two available if someone can’t make it. We want to have the girls be able to play, rather than forfeit when at all possible. There is no additional charge for this.

There are a few weeks when their games might start later so the girls can play under the lights. If those weeks don’t work, just say not available and I won’t schedule them that week. May 7th before the first match, I will be offering a voluntary free training camp for 2-on-2 volleyball techniques, skills and rules. I’ll send out details on that soon.

Please select if the girls will be able to play each week below. If they aren’t able to attend a certain week, we will try to schedule double headers in a later week.
Here are some examples of other activities to keep in mind: Nationals, School Team Camps, Summer Slam, Family Vacations.


    May 7 (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    May 14 (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    May 21 (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    June 4th (game start times 5:00-9:00) YesNo
    June 11th (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    June 18th (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    June 25th (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    July 9th (game start times 3:00-6:00) YesNo
    July 16th (game start times 5:00-9:00) YesNo

    No games July 23rd. July 30 and August 6th are reserved for end of season, single elim tourney. We are not able to adjust schedules these weeks. The girls could play multiple matches, spanned over a 3-4 hours until they lose out of the tournament. The games will start between 5:00-9:00 on these weeks