Last updated 8/2/22 (Rosters are closed)

Monday BB

Ellen Dirnberger Attack Pack
Kylie Bauer Attack Pack
Torrey Babb Attack Pack
Jaxon Babb Attack Pack
Taylor BurtT Attack Pack
Hannah Bauer Attack Pack
Taylor Burt Attack Pack
Heather Babb Attack Pack
Katie Bobbin Hitting Lines
Katie Bobbin Hitting Lines
Jason Bobbin Hitting Lines
Katie Bobbin Hitting Lines
Lexi Nettik Hitting Lines
Jake Hitting Lines
zach leonard Hitting Lines
Whitney Weber Hitting Lines
Jake Hitting Lines
Ryan Just for fun
Caitlin Pick Just for fun
Taylor Lammers Just for fun
Spencer Swedlund
Samantha Kremer
Just for fun
Just for fun
Jacob Kohls Just for fun(1)
Crysta Daly Just for fun(1)
Caitlin Pick Just for fun(1)
Spencer Swedlund Just for fun(1)
Jeff kolhoff See the spot, hit the spot
Jenny kolhoff See the spot, hit the spot
Rilea mielke See the spot, hit the spot
Derrick Dezeeuw See the spot, hit the spot
Calli Bordeaux See the spot, hit the spot
Corey Berscheit See the spot, hit the spot
Danielle DeMent See the spot, hit the spot
Jenny kolhoff See the spot, hit the spot
Tyler Gundvaldson See the spot, hit the spot
Calli Bordeaux See the spot, hit the spot
Mason Sundvold See the spot, hit the spot(1)
Taylor lueth Two Bump Chumps
Brittany Neumann Two Bump Chumps
Kasey Neumann Two Bump Chumps
Krista Youngberg Two Bump Chumps
Brandon Acevedo Two Bump Chumps
Evan Steemken Two Bump Chumps
Shelby Bierema Two Bump Chumps
Blake Bartscher Two Bump Chumps
Kendra Knudson Two Bump Chumps
Chrissy Neumann Two Bump Chumps
Christina Silver Two Bump Chumps
Abby Folk Two Bump Chumps
Cody Wagner Two Bump Chumps
Kelly Jorgensen Two Bump Chumps
Jamie Jorgensen Two Bump Chumps
Zach schneider You’ve Been Served
Shelby Koepke You’ve Been Served
kari Kurtenbach You’ve Been Served
Rebecca Ryan You’ve Been Served
James Kurtenbach You’ve Been Served
James Kurtenbach You’ve Been Served
Shelby schneider You’ve Been Served
Jake Koepke You’ve Been Served(5)

Monday B

Ernie Cottier 4 Non Blondes
Stephanie M Russett 4 Non Blondes
Kari Quall 4 Non Blondes
Jordan Goeman 4 Non Blondes(1)
Ryan Palmer Bump ‘n Grind
Shena Shoemaker Bump ‘n Grind
Mike Hardie Bump ‘n Grind
Mackenzie Hardie Bump ‘n Grind
Addie Wetzel Bump ‘n Grind
Trevor Bartlett Bump ‘n Grind
Ryan Blake Bump ‘n Grind
Cassie Blake Bump ‘n Grind
Taylor Gackle Bumpin’ Uglies
Ashlie Moore Bumpin’ Uglies
Thomas hall Bumpin’ Uglies
Jordan McDonnel Bumpin’ Uglies
Morgen Javers Bumpin’ Uglies
Travis Strong Bumpin’ Uglies(2)
Scott Jacobs Chewblocka
Bob Wendland Chewblocka
Camryn Huber Chewblocka
Christi Nelson Chewblocka
Barry Hoogland Chewblocka
Andrew Dellman Chewblocka
Darin Gottman Chewblocka
Josh Winters Chewblocka
Jennifer Aman Chewblocka
Rachel Winters Chewblocka
Derek Spittler Chewblocka
Nicole Soles Chewblocka
Deontae Thorn DIG THIS!
Ryan Brouwer DIG THIS!
Carli Murphy DIG THIS!
Mariah Leemkuil DIG THIS!
Megan Mudder DIG THIS!
Andrea Nichols DIG THIS!
Sarah Micek DIG THIS!
Lydia Algood DIG THIS!
Amy Wynia DIG THIS!(3)
Nathaniel Algood DIG THIS!(3)
Justin wynia DIG THIS!(3)
Shelly Ten Napel Eastside Acres
Noah vandonkersgoed Eastside Acres
Albert vanDonkersgoed Eastside Acres
Sherra vanDonkersgoed Eastside Acres
Eric Maas Eastside Acres
Darcy Maas Eastside Acres
Tara Sichmeller Eastside Acres
Carrie Rietsema Eastside Acres
Dana Snyder Eastside Acres
Aaron Rietsema Eastside Acres
Chloe Cornemann Hit-Faced
Nate Rotert Hit-Faced
Alissa Koens Hit-Faced
Matt Ramstad Hit-Faced
Chelsea Murphy Hit-Faced
Nathan Koens Hit-Faced
Tanya Ramstad Hit-Faced
Kyle Knips Hit-Faced(6)
Patti Carmody Just the tip
Joellen Groethe Just the tip
Alyssa Hamer Just the tip
Steve Afa Just the tip
Steve Afa Just the tip
Steve Just the tip
Jessi Tucker Just the tip
Brian Ackerman Just the tip
Jeremy Swenson Just the tip
Eliza Leloux Just the tip
Denise Keegan Just the tip
Cassidy Pollema Kung Fu Koalas
Scott Strand Kung Fu Koalas
Grace Tiemersma Kung Fu Koalas
Elise Citrowske Kung Fu Koalas
Jordan Strand Kung Fu Koalas
Abigail Strand Kung Fu Koalas
Eden Burch Kung Fu Koalas
Ben Tiemersma Kung Fu Koalas
Michael NOW That’s what I call Volleyball
JESSIE FINKE NOW That’s what I call Volleyball
Desirae Schmidt NOW That’s what I call Volleyball
Samuel Young NOW That’s what I call Volleyball
Hannah Fiedler NOW That’s what I call Volleyball
Travis Finke NOW That’s what I call Volleyball
Brooke Bleeker Odd Hands
Mariah Olson Odd Hands
Riley Johnson Odd Hands
McKenzie Johnson Odd Hands
Abby Herding Odd Hands
Sam Baier Odd Hands
Ashley Borchert Odd Hands(4)
Parker Hanson Odd Hands(4)
Carson Vitense Please Don’t Drink Responsibly
Isaiah Kittelson Please Don’t Drink Responsibly
Grace Please Don’t Drink Responsibly
Mallory VITENSE Please Don’t Drink Responsibly
Katie nour Red Team
Gabby Iversen Red Team
Ted Mohr Red Team
Logan Hattervig Red Team
Katherine Kaufman Red Team
Rose Anderson Red Team
Thomas Kaufman Red Team
Steven Weber Red Team
Ann Weber Red Team
Levi Hattervig Red Team(3)
Ted Mohr Red Team(3)
Jordan Marotz Sauce’s Heroes
Drew Guebert Sauce’s Heroes
Noah Huber Sauce’s Heroes
Jacey Guebert Sauce’s Heroes
Kalli Bell Sauce’s Heroes
Michaela Hacker Sauce’s Heroes
Bryton Syverson Sauce’s Heroes
Chandler Holland Sauce’s Heroes(1)
Trevor Flemmer Sets on the Beach
Emily Anderson Sets on the Beach
Keith Flemmer Sets on the Beach
Jayme Wiertzema Sets on the Beach
JJ Cramblit Sets on the Beach
Trisha Hanson Sets on the Beach(3)
Elizabeth Bye Sets on the Beach(3)
Rachel Hodges Tips n Giggles
Dillon Gully Tips n Giggles
Tyler Neve Tips n Giggles
Elizabeth Benson Tips n Giggles
Jason Swift Tips n Giggles
Sara Ronan Tips n Giggles
Kiaya Alderson Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
Patrick Leach Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
Patrick Leach Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
Brooke Harms Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
Grant Harms Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
Cody Hansen Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
Krista Youngberg Top Shelf Bottom Shelf
David Freidel We Showed Up
Rachel Alexander We Showed Up
Madison Alexander We Showed Up
Joe Sudbeck We Showed Up
Anna Boyens We Showed Up
Joe Sudbeck We Showed Up
John McInerney We Showed Up
Katie McInerney We Showed Up
Nicole muilenburg Wiley’s Six Pack
Kirby Muilenburg Wiley’s Six Pack
Shane Cushman Wiley’s Six Pack
Brandy Christiansen Wiley’s Six Pack
Liza johnson holbert Wiley’s Six Pack

Monday Rec

Laura Wright Angry Tacos
Sofia shibly Angry Tacos
Delina Gardner Angry Tacos
Matt Currier Angry Tacos
Fatima Blandon Angry Tacos
Coleton Thomas Angry Tacos
Dan DeVaney Angry Tacos
Jamie carmichael Angry Tacos
Samantha DeVaney Angry Tacos
Nathan kurtz Angry Tacos
Logan J Abrego Ball Busters
Matt White Ball Busters
Sydnie Weiss-Anderson Ball Busters
William Rose Ball Busters
Jenna Skinner Ball Busters
Robin Doerr Ball Busters
Sarah Schoon Ball Busters
Brandon Hansen Ball Busters
Logan Rose Ball Busters(3)
Dylan Tyson Block’n’Roll
Stacy Sopko Block’n’Roll
Brandon Anderson Block’n’Roll
Dominic Bargfrede Block’n’Roll
Benjamin Bents Block’n’Roll
Jamaica Bargfrede Block’n’Roll
Nicole Hessa Block’n’Roll
Brittany Neppl Block’n’Roll
Grant Rawlings C U Next Tuesdays
Leah Herrick C U Next Tuesdays
Wyatt Peterson C U Next Tuesdays
Scott Johnson C U Next Tuesdays
Molly Johnson C U Next Tuesdays
Ryan Stanley C U Next Tuesdays
Hannah Chadwell C U Next Tuesdays
Erin Ihnen C U Next Tuesdays
Bill Herrick C U Next Tuesdays
Makaylee Fischer C U Next Tuesdays
Sean Ihnen C U Next Tuesdays
Madi Paulsen Calm your tips
Shelby Linn Calm your tips
Joe Hoiland Calm your tips
Jess Lee Calm your tips
Mike van wyhe Calm your tips
Nick van wyhe Calm your tips
Stephanie Roozenboom Calm your tips
Tyler Small Calm your tips
Sam Slaughter HDR
Cole Grasma HDR
Ahren Hoskins HDR
Gunnar HDR
Nolan Walker HDR
Matt Robinson HDR
Jake Petersen HDR
Mercedes Schievelbein HDR
Kelsey McGregor HDR
Josh Goehring HDR
Jessica York HDR
Cody Woessner HDR
Kent Ode HDR
Brandon Winter HDR
Abby Nelson HDR
Elizabeth Sobania HDR
Cally Larsen HDR
Hannah Jefferis HDR
Andy Hanson HDR
Josh Hellman HDR
Cassidy Moon HDR
Julia Czarnecki HDR
Brianna Wingen I’m gonna try something
Tammy brown I’m gonna try something
Tammy brown I’m gonna try something
Tammy brown I’m gonna try something
Bill Sealey I’m gonna try something
Tyler Brown I’m gonna try something
Brandi Wylie I’m gonna try something
Branden Wylie I’m gonna try something
Jasmine Wodstrchill Kiss my Ace
Rachel Lord Kiss my Ace
Austin Van Asselt Kiss my Ace
Matt Andersen Kiss my Ace
Nikki Hessel Kiss my Ace
Angela Merrill Kiss my Ace
Ben Merrill Kiss my Ace
Michelle Buffalo Knuppe Kiss my Ace
Julia Bruggeman One Hit Wonders
Hunter Burns One Hit Wonders
Zac cherry One Hit Wonders
Jaydon Stover One Hit Wonders
Cheyanne cherry One Hit Wonders
Sarah Edison One Hit Wonders
Megan Feerick One Hit Wonders
Justine Hoch One Hit Wonders
Brian Anderson One Hit Wonders
Valeria Vant Hul Positive Spike Waves
TJ Ripperda Positive Spike Waves
Jesse Morris Positive Spike Waves
Jessica Tubergen Positive Spike Waves
Tom Ripperda Positive Spike Waves
John Franco Positive Spike Waves
Emily Daugaard Positive Spike Waves
Kristen Jost Positive Spike Waves
George Ceremuga Positive Spike Waves
Adil Shaikh Positive Spike Waves
Ashley Klosterman Positive Spike Waves
Emily Weber Positive Spike Waves
Annette Adams Positive Spike Waves
Sabrina Bloom Ricke
Anna Theophilus Ricke
Carly Knutson Ricke
Preston Nordling Ricke
Macy Halverson Ricke
Preston Nordling Ricke
Madison Nordling Ricke
McKenna Barness Ricke
Joshua Bloom Ricke
Madison Nordling Ricke
Drew Reinschmidt Ricke
Jacob Ricke Ricke
Cameo Irwin Rough Sets
Kishwar Shaikh Rough Sets
Logan Spelbring Rough Sets
Rylee Iott Rough Sets
Reed McBrayer Rough Sets
Anna mueller Rough Sets
Bryan Parnell Rough Sets
Ellen Jensen Rough Sets
Travis Huber Rough Sets
Jessica Ruiter Rough Sets
Katrina Cordell Rough Sets
Nikki Boltjes Rough Sets
Bridget Nelson Sloppy Sets
Cody Doohen Sloppy Sets
Samantha Doohen Sloppy Sets
Tony Eye Sloppy Sets
Amy Olsen Sloppy Sets
Daisy Doohen Sloppy Sets
Cassandra Yager Sloppy Sets
Alex Roth Spike Tysons
James Borchert Spike Tysons
Steve Walters Spike Tysons
Travis Walters Spike Tysons
Jen Paul Spike Tysons
Nathan Paul Spike Tysons
Seth Weidenbach Spike Tysons
Whitney Regnier The REAL Sets on the Beach
Jo Luevano The REAL Sets on the Beach
Tyler Hattermann The REAL Sets on the Beach
Michaela Kern The REAL Sets on the Beach
Micah Warrington The REAL Sets on the Beach
Brandon Ruud The REAL Sets on the Beach
Morgan Kern The REAL Sets on the Beach
Charles Schuknecht The REAL Sets on the Beach
Aaron Blume The REAL Sets on the Beach
Syreeta Blume The REAL Sets on the Beach
Emily Nelson The REAL Sets on the Beach
Gabriela Zebe The REAL Sets on the Beach
Michael Merry The REAL Sets on the Beach
Dillon geuke Tinners Outclaws
Ryan Farwell Tinners Outclaws
Liz Oconnell Tinners Outclaws
Danica Understock Tinners Outclaws
Adam Waterman Tinners Outclaws
Cody larsen Tinners Outclaws
Kassie Foster Tinners Outclaws
Taryn Pfeffer Tinners Outclaws
Emma grigg Tinners Outclaws
Lakyn Muilenburg Tinners Outclaws
Ericka Muchow Tinners Outclaws
Olivia Kendall Tinners Outclaws
Dillon geuke Tinners Outclaws

Tuesday BB

Sam 4 Huskerteers
Meagan Moody 4 Huskerteers
Shelby Reynoldson 4 Huskerteers
Breanna Morgan 4 Huskerteers
Abby Feyereisen Aceholes
Mariah McPartland Aceholes
Kiah Damme-Krieger Aceholes
Mandy Heins Aceholes
Rochelle Boote Applause Balls
Luisa Gall Applause Balls
Megan Ingalls Applause Balls
Laura Wingert Applause Balls
Dacia Boehrns Back Again
Lauren Roby Back Again
Holly Lynch Back Again
Holly Podzimek Back Again
Michelle Spader Big Dig Lovers
Ellen Dirnberger Big Dig Lovers
Tamara Wingen Big Dig Lovers
Ivy Stenzel Big Dig Lovers
Stephanie Ollerich Big Dig Lovers
Sydnie Buchheim Bussin Beasts
Brooke Etrheim Bussin Beasts
Becca Koehn Bussin Beasts
Jenna Reiff Bussin Beasts
Jackie Lincoln Calm Yo Tips
Traci Smook Calm Yo Tips
Lauren stoterau Calm Yo Tips
Jeena Lentz Calm Yo Tips
Kayla Harris Gorillas in the Mist
Addie Smith Gorillas in the Mist
Hayley Fox Gorillas in the Mist
Mikia Kriener Gorillas in the Mist
Jill Hansen Gorillas in the Mist
Rebecca Smith Gorillas in the Mist
Mataya Naber Gorillas in the Mist
Kristen DiPaola Gorillas in the Mist
Journey Jonnes Hit me with your best shot
Jill Jonnes-Kuca Hit me with your best shot
Sheridan Andre Hit me with your best shot
Jaycey Hit me with your best shot
Aspen Langley Hits & Giggles
Avery Elfering Hits & Giggles
Kylee Van Egdom Hits & Giggles
Peyton Rymerson Hits & Giggles
Jasmine marshall Hits & Giggles
Trisha Hanson It’s a Set Up
Gabby Grieme It’s a Set Up
Brooke Flemmer It’s a Set Up
Macyn Flanigan It’s a Set Up
Rachael Bak SKAMS
Kathy Gums SKAMS
Nikki Williams SKAMS
Margie Anthony SKAMS
Koby Afa SKAMS
Stephanie Hein SKAMS
Stacey Munk SKAMS
Amanda Kjelden SKAMS
Kaysee Nesmoe Spike Tyson’s
Angie Burgess Spike Tyson’s
Shelby Hartung Spike Tyson’s
Erica Page Spike Tyson’s
Karrisa Roetman Spike Tyson’s
Steph Uher Spike Tyson’s
Joane Moumy Spike Tyson’s
Karrisa Roetman Spike Tyson’s
Joane Moumy Spike Tyson’s
Erica Page Spike Tyson’s
Ashlie Moore Spiked Punch
Morgen Javers Spiked Punch
Taylor Gackle Spiked Punch
Delina Gardner Spiked Punch
Jenae Ruesink-Cross Team Ibuprofen
Kaylee Anderson Team Ibuprofen
Kiaya Alderson Team Ibuprofen
Courtney Rosendahl Team Ibuprofen
April Keizer Team Ibuprofen
Jenna Maxwell Team Ibuprofen
Kate Olson Team Ibuprofen

Tuesday B

Hanna Justess Arneson
Hannah Dorow Arneson
Ashley Wolfgang Arneson
Karissa Saxon Arneson
Courtney Auch Auch
Courtney Auch Auch
Jessica Overman Biddy Squad
Kelsey McGregor Biddy Squad
Paige Thompson Biddy Squad
Elizabeth Coday Biddy Squad
Channing Nordin Biddy Squad
Tatem Effling Biddy Squad
Justina Hayzlett Biddy Squad
Kali Baumberger Bump & Grind
Kristin McInerney Bump & Grind
Suzanne Carroll Bump & Grind
Leah Brooks Bump & Grind
Emily Carroll Bump & Grind
Meagan Donovan Bump & Grind
Jill Flint Bump & Grind
Nicole Jellema Bump & Grind
Ashlei Timmermans Bump & Grind
Lyndsey Kleinschmit C2C Ball Busters
Samantha Opdahl C2C Ball Busters
Chelsea Munson C2C Ball Busters
Tiffany Wede C2C Ball Busters
Tess Klith C2C Ball Busters
Stephanie Dolen C2C Ball Busters
Tracy Miller C2C Ball Busters
Julie Roth C2C Ball Busters
Dominique Torres C2C Ball Busters
Jennifer Aman Eastway Bumpers
Rachel Winters Eastway Bumpers
Rachael Moe Eastway Bumpers
Lisa Jasmer Eastway Bumpers
Joanna Portice Eastway Bumpers
Annie wold Eastway Bumpers
Carry Thomas Eastway Bumpers
Jena Rolfing Eastway Bumpers
Robyn Johnson Grate Sets
Kimberly Cain Grate Sets
Allie Daly Grate Sets
Whitney Gard Grate Sets
Jennie McNamara Grate Sets
Jenna Jurrens Grate Sets
LeAnn Grate Grate Sets
Jaimie Feltman Grate Sets
Kristi Butler Grate Sets
Jayna Haufschild How I Set Your Mother
Rachel kokales How I Set Your Mother
Nikki Koehler How I Set Your Mother
Taylor Gubbrud How I Set Your Mother
Stacy Johnson How I Set Your Mother
Sadie Swier How I Set Your Mother
Katie Kunkel How I Set Your Mother
Kylee warrick I’d Hit That
Kylee warrick I’d Hit That
Cheyenne Hemme I’d Hit That
Abbie Kneip I’d Hit That
Makayla Dietrich I’d Hit That
Michaela Stuart I’d Hit That
Kylee warrick I’d Hit That
Tianna Voigt I’d Hit That
Taylor Strenge Kota Cafe
Annette Adams Kota Cafe
Hope Showalter Kota Cafe
ryan fischer Kota Cafe
Carrie Harrison Kota Cafe
Jennifer Lee Kota Cafe
Kassidy Haberman Kota Cafe
Melisa Marshall Kota Cafe
Lacey Sheridan Kota Cafe
Amber Arlint No Dig’gity
Kelsy Keninger No Dig’gity
Margaret Blomberg No Dig’gity
Kelly Vanderwerff No Dig’gity
Kelsie Abolt No Dig’gity
Jennifer Grim No Dig’gity
Erica Ramsey No Dig’gity
Melissa Whiddon No Dig’gity
Sara Brinkman No Dig’gity
Natalie Ketcham No Dig’gity
Sara Venhuizen No Dig’gity
Jessica Hauff Rough Sets on the Beach
Ivy Rule Rough Sets on the Beach
Sidney Stone Rough Sets on the Beach
Ashlie Terrasaz Rough Sets on the Beach
Stephanie Burkman Rough Sets on the Beach
Ashley Burkman Rough Sets on the Beach
Reed mcbrayer Rough Sets on the Beach
Ashley Burkman Rough Sets on the Beach
Rebekah Van Maanen Rough Sets on the Beach
ashlie gutierrez terrasaz Rough Sets on the Beach
Kristen Lovell Rough Sets on the Beach
Rebecca Hauge Rough Sets on the Beach
Shaina Kollis Rough Sets on the Beach
Maddie Foss SET-sy and we know it
Brooke Drefs SET-sy and we know it
Tiana Kayser SET-sy and we know it
Becca Petersen SET-sy and we know it
Ami Garrigan SET-sy and we know it
Leslie Kolbeck SET-sy and we know it
Amber Olson SET-sy and we know it
Carrie Hunt SET-sy and we know it
Courtney Grieme SET-sy and we know it
Stacy Handshumaker SET-sy and we know it
Erica Lueders Sets on the Beach
Jocelyn Rieger Sets on the Beach
Ashley Kirkpatrick Sets on the Beach
Danielle Burkel Sets on the Beach
Maddie Miller Sets on the Beach
Rachel Risse Sets on the Beach
Stephanie Prinsen Sets on the Beach
Courtney Johnson Sets on the Beach
Danielle Martin Sets on the Beach
Megan Olson Sets on the Beach
Robyn Lampe Sets with Strangers!
Kelli Boekelheide Sets with Strangers!
Sidney Rhinehart Sets with Strangers!
Sabrina Bakke Sets with Strangers!
Brooke Sieff Sets with Strangers!
Katie Fogle Sets with Strangers!
Kristi Porter Sets with Strangers!
Allison Bodvig Sets with Strangers!
Kelsey Oltmanns Sets with Strangers!
Iesley Stone Sets with Strangers!
Becca Sieff Sets with Strangers!
Christine Sydow Slap Dat Ave
Heather Samson Slap Dat Ave
Kayla Brandes Slap Dat Ave
Mykah Wiseman Slap Dat Ave
Erin Bommersbach Slap Dat Ave
Samantha Wiseman Slap Dat Ave
Samantha Moon Untouchables
Ivy French Untouchables
Bria Janke Untouchables
Jessica Janke Untouchables
Tanya Schulte Untouchables
Jayna Silvernail Untouchables
Kelsey Johnson Untouchables
Jennifer Tuttle Untouchables
Megan Alexander Untouchables
Rozhyer Aware Untouchables
Brianna Boelhower Untouchables
Moina Syed We always get it up
Ally haake We always get it up
Kirsten Houg We always get it up
Tiffany Evans We always get it up
Pam Wilde We always get it up
Megan Loebs We always get it up
Renee Graves We always get it up
Jenna Larson We always get it up
April Hoffman We always get it up
Dacia Boehrns Will Work For Sets
Holly Podzimek Will Work For Sets
Rachel Hensley Will Work For Sets
Brittany Kimball Will Work For Sets
Kristina Sipma Will Work For Sets
Sue Harms Will Work For Sets
Jenny Bunkers Will Work For Sets
Brienne Torgrude Will Work For Sets
Julie Miller Will Work For Sets
Katie Tirrel Will Work For Sets
Rachel Tilley Will Work For Sets
Peyton DeJong Will Work For Sets
Marissa Marshall Will Work For Sets
Shannon Christopher-Holt Will Work For Sets
Tashina Zacher Will Work For Sets
Dani Suess Will Work For Sets
Amber Sasse Will Work For Sets

Tuesday Rec

Kayla Barnable *hits & Giggles
Jasmine Marshall *hits & Giggles
Kendra Roberts *hits & Giggles
Mia Miller *hits & Giggles
Christine Heiman *hits & Giggles
Beth Keehn *hits & Giggles
Jenna Ayotte *hits & Giggles
Erica Schenkel *hits & Giggles
Callie Lensegrav Kiss My Ace
Lori Rickenbaugh Kiss My Ace
Sierra Nearman Kiss My Ace
Harper Smoot Kiss My Ace
McKenzie walla Kiss My Ace
Stacey baumert Kiss My Ace
Jennifer Bertsch Kiss My Ace
Addison Nieuwsma Kiss My Ace
Zoie Bertsch Kiss My Ace
Jennifer Bertsch Kiss My Ace
Kaylea Kiss My Ace
Dawn Johnson Net Worth 4.0
Jennifer Anglin Net Worth 4.0
Jose Camarena Net Worth 4.0
Devon Dyrdahl Net Worth 4.0
Grace collum Net Worth 4.0
Milana Arambasic Net Worth 4.0
Andrea Net Worth 4.0
Kelsy Keninger No Dig’gity
Kris Doherty No Dig’gity
Angela Spaans No Dig’gity
Heather Ringheimer No Dig’gity
Heather Ringheimer No Dig’gity
Katelynne Clark No Dig’gity
Samantha Moon No Dig’gity
McKenzie Warne No Dig’gity
Katie Bosch No Dig’gity
McKenzie Warne No Dig’gity
Tieryn buechler No Dig’gity
Meikayla Wojciechowski No Dig’gity
Samantha buechler No Dig’gity
Alicia Skadsen No Dig’gity
Elise Rusty Sets
Alyssa Elton Rusty Sets
Megan Nankivel Rusty Sets
Shilo Rouse Rusty Sets
Lindsey Uthe Rusty Sets
Brenda Garness Rusty Sets
Cassie Garness Rusty Sets
Marsha Pederson Rusty Sets
Cassandra Yager Setsy Ladies
Madi Lindely Setsy Ladies
ashley holz Setsy Ladies
Katie Osmanski Setsy Ladies
Ashley Holz Setsy Ladies
Morgan Berg Setsy Ladies
Courtney Jackson Setsy Ladies
Kallie Stenson Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Kortney Pollema Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Kaitlyn Krzmarzick Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Ashley Feickert Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Kennedi Frost Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Stevie Knutson Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Jessica bollock Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Jonilyn Rinehart Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Kelsey McCarty Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Allie Niedringhaus Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Katie Bills Suck, Swallow, Breathe
Kylee Duncan The Volley Llamas
Lashane Anderson The Volley Llamas
Kayla Ausland The Volley Llamas
Lacey Engeltjes The Volley Llamas
Sarah Souhrada The Volley Llamas
Lucy-George Cooper The Volley Llamas
Allison DeSchepper The Volley Llamas
Alexis Burg The Volley Llamas
Lacey Engeltjes The Volley Llamas
Lashane Anderson The Volley Llamas
KarriAnn Dismounts The Volley Llamas

Wednesday BB

That team "That Team"
madi waltman "That Team"
Sabrina Bakke "That Team"
Landon Bakke "That Team"
Isiah "That Team"
Zachary Lundberg "That Team"
Jordyn Waltman "That Team"
Lexi konda "That Team"
That Team "That Team"
Katie Bobbin Butt Sets
Dan Sokolowski Butt Sets
Jayson Bobbin Butt Sets
Kelsey Ryswyk Butt Sets
Zach Huisken Butt Sets
Brandon Acevedo Butt Sets
Abby Huisken Butt Sets
Alex Huisken Butt Sets
Amber Jares Butt Sets
Chelsey Huisken Butt Sets
Jeena Lentz Hot Bumps
Jamie Hot Bumps
Brett Delaney How I Set Your Mother
Kayli Leonard How I Set Your Mother
Dillon Eichstadt How I Set Your Mother
Jessica Balt How I Set Your Mother
Rob Stork How I Set Your Mother
Grace bauer How I Set Your Mother
Simon Boever How I Set Your Mother
Benjamin Roe How I Set Your Mother
Logan Eichstadt How I Set Your Mother
Ellie Stork How I Set Your Mother
Emma Farritor How I Set Your Mother
Laura Plank Kizers Krew
Seth Rozeboom Kizers Krew
Beth DeJong Kizers Krew
Sara Haken Kizers Krew
Shelby schneider Kizers Krew
Connor Haken Kizers Krew
Logan Pederson Kizers Krew
Mariah McPartland Purple Pandas
Austin Heins Purple Pandas
Nate Van Asperen Purple Pandas
Kiah Damme-Krieger Purple Pandas
Bryce Krieger Purple Pandas(1)
Kiah Damme-Krieger Purple Pandas(2)
Mandy Heins Purple Pandas(2)
Thomas Beck RBF and Dad Bods
Kelsi Heard RBF and Dad Bods
Lydia Algood RBF and Dad Bods
Nathaniel Algood RBF and Dad Bods
Danielle Brouwer RBF and Dad Bods
Ryan Brouwer RBF and Dad Bods
Trevor Wegner RBF and Dad Bods
Paige Baker RBF and Dad Bods
Desiree Wolfe RBF and Dad Bods
Hannah Nieman Spiked
Darin Peterka Spiked
Kacey Doyle Spiked
Hannah Nieman Spiked
Morgan Hoglund Spiked
Morgan Hoglund Spiked
Morgan Hoglund Spiked
Morgan Hoglund Spiked
Kristen Peterka Spiked
Logan Doyle Spiked
Mitchell White Spiked

Wednesday B

Lexi Nettik 4g2d
Zach Bartels 4g2d
Blaine Dunn 4g2d
Jason Nettik 4g2d
Jessica Van Keulen 4g2d
Eric Milan 4g2d
Anna Brereton 4g2d
Hanna Bartels 4g2d
Lexi Nettik 4g2d
Brad Pritchett Aceaholics
Anthony Lueth Aceaholics
Brooklyn Grage Aceaholics
Riley Kacmarynski Aceaholics
Briana Kacmarynski Aceaholics
Stella Goebel Banana Hammers
Heidi Bethke Banana Hammers
Josh Bethke Banana Hammers
Tian jacobs Banana Hammers
Brian Witte Banana Hammers
Jeff Rech Banana Hammers
Collin Juhnke Banana Hammers
Kristina hinrichs Banana Hammers
Nichole Juhnke Banana Hammers
Mike Herman Better Than Sets
Alyssa Keiser Better Than Sets
Jack anundson Better Than Sets
Megan Larson Better Than Sets
Kristopher Firestien Better Than Sets(3)
Jack anundson Better Than Sets(3)
Val Quade Better Than Sets(3)
Erica Smith Bump me sideways
Kelsey Ryswyk Bump me sideways
Dan Sokolowski Bump me sideways
Tanner Plucker Bump me sideways
Adam Deutsch Bump me sideways
Melissa Plucker Bump me sideways
Chad Smith Bump me sideways
Greg Schouten Bump me sideways
Mallory Schouten Bump me sideways
Paige Baker Date Night
Mariah Leemkuil Date Night
Skylar Hieronimus Date Night
Hunter Petersen Date Night
Derek Petersen Date Night
Marie Hansen Date Night
Joshua Hansen Date Night
Hope Showalter EastSide Love
Ryan Wanke EastSide Love
Kari Wanke EastSide Love
Gracie EastSide Love
Dan Sorensen EastSide Love
Hope Showalter EastSide Love
Jordan Goeman EastSide Love
Jill Fries EastSide Love
Cherilyn Dykstra EastSide Love(1)
Shane Kluever EastSide Love(1)
Joseph EastSide Love(1)
Ryan Fischer EastSide Love(1)
Derek Rasmussen Net Ninjas
Levi winkels Net Ninjas
Mark Bau Net Ninjas
Jace Krumwiede Net Ninjas
Hanna Johnson Net Ninjas
Brooke Henning Net Ninjas
Danielle Bau Net Ninjas
Calli Bordeaux Packed & Stacked
Tyler Gundvaldson Packed & Stacked
Mason Sundvold Packed & Stacked
Cole Borchardt Packed & Stacked
Austin gaspar Packed & Stacked
Robyn Moss Packed & Stacked
Hunter Stiles Packed & Stacked
Calli Bordeaux Packed & Stacked
Desirae Mortenson Set for life
Faith Mortenson Set for life
Nick Mimmack Set for life
Allie Mimmack Set for life
Austin Ridl Set for life
Ryan Lindberg Set for life
Kayler Ridl Set for life
Jessica Overman Sets on the Beach
Trevor Dorhout Sets on the Beach
Tara Sichmeller Sets on the Beach
Jazmine Diehl Sets on the Beach
Ryan Van Donge Sets on the Beach
Erin Groen Sets on the Beach
Jamelee Van Donge Sets on the Beach
Riley Knutson Sloppy Sets
Riley Knutson Sloppy Sets
Ella Rynders Sloppy Sets
Paige Timmons Sloppy Sets
Alyssa Beard Sloppy Sets
Alli Tschetter Sloppy Sets
Kali Trautman Sloppy Sets
Kendra Wieringa Sloppy Sets
Lexi Lockhart Sloppy Sets
Brad Brockmueller Sun Sets
Valerie Schonewill Sun Sets
Geneva Olson Sun Sets
Jasmine marshall Sun Sets
Jasmine marshall Sun Sets
Nathan Schonewill Sun Sets
Charisse Ortman Brockmueller Sun Sets
Mark Olson Sun Sets

Wednesday Rec

Elsie Zajicek Aceholes
Teng Sayasavanh Aceholes
Adam Mohrhauser Aceholes
Jenessa Neve Aceholes(2)
Hollie Consoer Aceholes(2)
Phet Rathsachack Aceholes(2)
Karissa Hamann Aceholes(2)
Tanner odegaard Amateur Hour
Kristin Mohr Amateur Hour
Sarah Shane Amateur Hour
Cordell Wright Amateur Hour
Colin Kelley Amateur Hour
Rachel Kelley Amateur Hour
Cassidy Frederick Amateur Hour
Kimberly Trainor Balls in Your Face
Dane Campbell Balls in Your Face
Christian Witt Balls in Your Face
Josiah Aberson Balls in Your Face
Adam Holmstrom Balls in Your Face
Hunter Roberts Balls in Your Face
Christian Balls in Your Face
Sarah Beeler Big Dig Energy
Sam Plucker Big Dig Energy
Kylee Haub Big Dig Energy
Michael Bull Big Dig Energy
Becky Amdahl Big Dig Energy
Laura Haub Big Dig Energy
Shelli Lawrenson Block Heads
Ron Boe Block Heads
Brooklyn Young Block Heads
Streyle Williams Block Heads
Austin Johnson Block Heads
Matt Kearns Block Heads
Trinity Miller Blue Balls
Jaylie Maier Blue Balls
Neil Schlimgen Blue Balls
Shantel Schlimgen Blue Balls
Zac Brown Blue Balls
Avery Baker Blue Balls
Madisyn Miller Blue Balls
Cassie Maier Blue Balls
Nicole Krump Bump it or Krump it
Bethany Krump Bump it or Krump it
Nikole Krump Bump it or Krump it
Gabe Krump Bump it or Krump it
Breanne Krump Bump it or Krump it
Jaden Krump Bump it or Krump it
Erin Pilkerton Empire Spikes Back
Efrain Ocegueda-Aguilar Empire Spikes Back
Taylor Empire Spikes Back
Dayton Bender Empire Spikes Back
Rebecca Wangberg Empire Spikes Back
Kelli Boekelheide Empire Spikes Back
Keri Kamphoff Empire Spikes Back
Duncan Meester Empire Spikes Back(2)
Brennan Meester Empire Spikes Back(2)
Michaela Boer For the Gram
Kyler Johnsen For the Gram
chance Jepson For the Gram
Jason Uthe For the Gram
Elise Jahr For the Gram(4)
Lindsey Uthe For the Gram(5)
Dustin Garness Garness Games
Jerry Morelos Garness Games
Austin Van Asselt Garness Games
Dustin Garness Garness Games
Cassie Garness Garness Games
Jack Garness Garness Games
Sami Van Asselt Garness Games
Brenda Garness Garness Games
Jessi Tucker How I Set your Mother
Amy Steffen How I Set your Mother
Isaac Smith How I Set your Mother
Kaitlyn Pfaffle How I Set your Mother
Anna Rasmussen How I Set your Mother
Hope Showalter Kota Cafe
Happy White Kota Cafe
Seth White Kota Cafe
Elizabeth Rahm Kota Cafe
Melisa Marshall Kota Cafe
Trisha Caldwell Kota Cafe
Seth White Kota Cafe
Jennifer Lee Kota Cafe
Doug Sibson Kota Cafe
Megan Kluber Lowered Expectations
Caitlin Engle Lowered Expectations
Joel Engle Lowered Expectations
Kylea Larsen Lowered Expectations
Andi Clayton Lowered Expectations
David Taylor Lowered Expectations
Melody Jewell Lowered Expectations
Steve Veenhoff Lowered Expectations(2)
Kim Huff Lowered Expectations(2)
Haydee Torres Lowered Expectations(2)
Bri Niklason Lowered Expectations(2)
Paul Ryen Lowered Expectations(2)
Devon Dyrdahl Net Worth
Mason Endsley Net Worth
Adam Net Worth
Elizabeth Net Worth
Carly Vavra Net Worth
Braden Sommers Net Worth
Kenady Landon Net Worth
Brianna Mettler Net Worth
Dalton Bristow Net Worth
Karen Wollman Net Worth
Maddie Todd Net Worth
Megan Hotchkin Sand Serifs
Alissa Koens Sand Serifs
Lexy Ruesch Sand Serifs
Stacy Zastrow Sand Serifs
Jake Zastrow Sand Serifs
Sydney Nordmeyer Sand Serifs
Grant Sherman Sand Serifs
Mike Buss Sand Serifs
Kelly Buss Sand Serifs
Nathan Koens Sand Serifs
Sarah Madsen Sand Serifs
Lindsey Morris Sand Serifs
Elle Sherman Sand Serifs(3)
Brad DeVille Sand Serifs(4)
Jessa Nibbelink Set Alcholics
Michael Blegen Set Alcholics
Matt Anderson Set Alcholics
Kennedy Fast Set Alcholics
Taylor Schoenfelder Set Alcholics
Hanna Hieronimus Set Alcholics
Keaton Bohnenkamp Set Alcholics
Trei Hinrichs Set Alcholics
Collin Taphorn Setsaholics Anonymous
Collin Taphorn Setsaholics Anonymous
morgan hermanson Setsaholics Anonymous
Tom Galvin Setsaholics Anonymous
Mikki fitzer Setsaholics Anonymous
Beau McGregor Setsaholics Anonymous
Alexis burket Setsaholics Anonymous
Chris fitzer Setsaholics Anonymous
John McDowell Setsaholics Anonymous
Becky McDowell Setsaholics Anonymous
Tyler Henrichs Spartans
Renee Lutjens Spartans
Sam Reed Spartans
Rhiannon Weber Spartans
Andy Yackley Spartans
Stacey Johnson Spartans
Darci Fluit Spartans
Jordan Flinn Spike Tysons
Jared Johnson Spike Tysons
Kristi Caviezel Spike Tysons
Seth Wiedenbach Spike Tysons(3)
Nicole Vander Veen Spike Tysons(3)
Kelsey Knecht Spiked Punch
Justin Rosebrock Spiked Punch
Danielle Duchossois Spiked Punch
Chuck Spiked Punch
Molly Mechler Spiked Punch
Chuck Mechler Spiked Punch
Tara Van Grouw Spiked Punch
Monica Herschman Spiked Punch
Nate Wiese Sugar & Spike
Alex Waltner Sugar & Spike
Preston Plautz Sugar & Spike
Mindy Roeder Sugar & Spike
Matt Diehl Sugar & Spike
Austen Hanten Sugar & Spike
Becky Hanten Sugar & Spike
Becky Hanten Sugar & Spike
Austen Hanten Sugar & Spike
Taylor Corcoran Sugar & Spike
Teresa Plautz Sugar & Spike
Blake Hoium Sugar & Spike(2)
Layne Waltner Sugar & Spike(2)
Michael Gruber Thats what she set
Autumn Pitz Thats what she set
Ben Boyko Thats what she set
Jared rabenberg Thats what she set
Molly Boyum Thats what she set
Baylor Dobbs Thats what she set
Isaac Snaza Thats what she set
Logan Ackerman Thats what she set
Joe holsing Thats what she set
Brevin Gustafson Thats what she set
Grace Allen Thats what she set
Taylor Thats what she set
Rachel Kokales Thats what she set
Alexis Tschetter Thats what she set
Tony Snoozy Trailmixers
Kayla Snoozy Trailmixers
Amanda Tobin Trailmixers
Brittany Miller Trailmixers
Alec Gladback Trailmixers
Mitch Relf Trailmixers
Amanda Tobin Trailmixers
Ty Vuong Trailmixers
Andrew Klinger Trailmixers
Tanya Klinger Trailmixers
Grace Collum Trailmixers
Nicholas Carda Trailmixers
Kellie Gilbertson Trailmixers
Ryan Gilbertson Trailmixers
Kayla Barnable Wilson Whalers
Kendra Roberts Wilson Whalers
Beth Keehn Wilson Whalers
Jenna Ayotte Wilson Whalers
Erica Schenkel Wilson Whalers
Alex Keehn Wilson Whalers
Lucas Ayotte Wilson Whalers

Thursday BB

That team "That Team"
madi waltman "That Team"
Sabrina Bakke "That Team"
Landon Bakke "That Team"
Isiah "That Team"
Jordyn Waltman "That Team"
Lexi konda "That Team"
That Team "That Team"
madi waltman "That Team"
Kaylee Anderson Above the net
April Keizer Above the net
Kiaya Alderson Above the net
Derrick Dezeeuw Above the net
Travis Miller Above the net
Paul Keizer Above the net
Jordan olson Above the net
Kate olson Above the net
Trevor Cucinello Above the net
Jenae Ruesink-Cross Above the net
Eric Cross Above the net
Jenna Maxwell Above the net
Hunter Stiles Swingers
Laura Plank Swingers
Mason Sundvold Swingers
Mikayla Weiss Swingers
Josh Robers Swingers
Danika Johnson Swingers
Josh Reider Team Psychopass
Nikki Williams Team Psychopass
Serina Nuese Team Psychopass
Hayley Fox Team Psychopass
Madison Wassink Team Psychopass
Megan Schroeder Team Psychopass
Jennifer Blumer Team Psychopass
Aaron Blumer Team Psychopass
Cale Hecht Team Psychopass
Kelly Schroeder Team Psychopass
Max Curran Team Psychopass
Amanda Kjelden Team Psychopass
Erica Olson Team Psychopass
Rochelle Boote Tipp’n Ain’t EZ
Austin Bauer Tipp’n Ain’t EZ
Hayley Greenfield Tipp’n Ain’t EZ
Jason Noyes Tipp’n Ain’t EZ
Dacia Boehrns Will work for sets
Brett Quall Will work for sets
Rachel Hensley Will work for sets
alan fischer Will work for sets
Ben Van Moer Will work for sets
Amber Sasse Will work for sets
Joe Podzimek Will work for sets
Holly Podzimek Will work for sets

Thursday B

Hannah Nieman D Tent
Izzy Van Veldhuizen D Tent
Peyton DeJong D Tent
Sterling Nielsen D Tent
Kersten Nielsen D Tent
Steph Bork D Tent
Matt Bork D Tent
Dan DiSanto D Tent
Ernie Cottier Dakota Dudes Now
Tannor Castora Dakota Dudes Now
Jasmine Dakota Dudes Now
Scott Engen Dakota Dudes Now
Rachel Stroschein Dakota Dudes Now
Cordell Wright Dakota Dudes Now
Christine Manika Dakota Dudes Now
William Rose Dat Ace Doe
Logan Rose Dat Ace Doe
Heather Duffy Dat Ace Doe
Erik Duffy Dat Ace Doe
Katie McGuire Dat Ace Doe
Trever Harrington Dat Ace Doe
Amanda Wagemann Dat Ace Doe
Brianna Hoffman Dat Ace Doe
Amanda Jeseritz Dat Ace Doe
Ashley Wells Dat Ace Doe
Molly Hornor Dat Ace Doe
Mark Olson EAPC
Shelby Hartung EAPC
Peter Bates EAPC
Kari Bates EAPC
Parker Lawley EAPC
Sommer West EAPC
Bret Holt EAPC
McKenna Shallberg EAPC
Shawn Crowley EAPC
Kylie Redenius How I Set Your Mother
Macyn Peterson How I Set Your Mother
Logan spelbring How I Set Your Mother
Breanna Voss How I Set Your Mother
Kylie Redenius How I Set Your Mother
Michael Blegen How I Set Your Mother
Alyssa Elton HPV
Hope Showalter HPV
Chance Jepson HPV
Michaela Boer HPV
Jason Uthe HPV
Jason Uthe HPV
Thor Frederickson Irrational Radiology
Tanner Berg Irrational Radiology
Tucker Berg Irrational Radiology
Kyra Berg Irrational Radiology
Tony Gaspar Irrational Radiology
Carly Leisinger Irrational Radiology
Bethany Washington Irrational Radiology
Chelsey Gunderson Irrational Radiology
Hillary Hagge Just the tip
Spencer Swedlund Just the tip
Graham Oey Just the tip
Derek Coover Just the tip
Brenna O’Bryan Just the tip
Jaclyn Schaap Just the tip
Jeremy Ballew Just the tip
Lacey Ballew Just the tip
Jake Kohls Just the tip
Haley Luond Just the tip
Jenna Severson Just the tip
Kaylee Gebhart Just the tip
Samantha Bumann Just the tip
Alex Weidenbach Just the tip
Brittney Weidenbach Just the tip
Nicole Krump Kiss my ace
Jaden Krump Kiss my ace
Austin Van Asselt Kiss my ace
Kaitlyn Vortherms Kiss my ace
Nick Murphy Kiss my ace
Sami Van Asselt Kiss my ace
Nicole Krump Kiss my ace
Hope Showalter Kota Cafe
ryan fischer Kota Cafe
Cherilyn Dykstra Kota Cafe
Annette Adams Kota Cafe
Derek Mueller Kota Cafe
Alec Strenge Kota Cafe
Taylor Strenge Kota Cafe
Brandy Christiansen Kota Cafe
Annette Adams Kota Cafe
Levi winkels Net Ninjas
Joseph Glasford Net Ninjas
Jill Fries Net Ninjas
Nick Freiborg Net Ninjas
Dan Sorensen Net Ninjas
LaDonna Freiborg Net Ninjas
Amy Net Ninjas
Ryan Wanke Net Ninjas
Kari Wanke Net Ninjas
Thomas Hennen Off in the Woods
Nena Hart Off in the Woods
Lee Silverstein Off in the Woods
Jenna miller Off in the Woods
Emilee Hennen Off in the Woods
Grant Off in the Woods
Gina Ginithan Sand in bad places
Kelsey Quaschnick Sand in bad places
George Nichols Sand in bad places
George Nichols Sand in bad places
JORDIN CROSBY Sand in bad places
Waylon Schave Sand in bad places
Rachel Sherman Smack Dat Pass
Jamie Kayl Smack Dat Pass
Jacob Anderson Smack Dat Pass
Lauren Anderson Smack Dat Pass
Isaiah Neve Smack Dat Pass
Michaela Anderson Smack Dat Pass
Jocelyn Wrightsman Smack Dat Pass
Shawn grengs Super Soakers
Chad Birger Super Soakers
Michelle Spader Super Soakers
Ivy Stenzel Super Soakers
Amanda Fey Super Soakers
Stephanie Ollerich Super Soakers
Brian Rook Super Soakers
Michael Feeney Thats what she set
Marissa Marshall Thats what she set
Andrew Wilka Thats what she set
Tom Wilka Thats what she set
Tessa Arechiga Thats what she set
Alex Nissen Thats what she set
Andrew Lane Thats what she set
Brittany Lane Thats what she set
Payton Rosendahl The Blocking Dead
Keegan Zdybel The Blocking Dead
Joey Nickles The Blocking Dead
Valerie Belding The Blocking Dead
Eden Hullinger The Blocking Dead
Chesney Garnos The Blocking Dead
Gina Hemmer The Blocking Dead
Alex T The Blocking Dead
Sophie Johnson The Blocking Dead
Brianna Boelhower The Frenzies
Chad Boelhower The Frenzies
Samantha Moon The Frenzies
Dan Schmidt The Frenzies
Kyle Jameson The Frenzies
Jenny Rauch The Frenzies
Sarah Carnes The Frenzies
Josh Gudmundson The Frenzies
Andy Fick The Frenzies
Taylor lueth Two Bump Chumps
Anton Snizhko Two Bump Chumps
Kayleigh Koch Two Bump Chumps
Andrey Danilko Two Bump Chumps
Gracie Kluever Two Bump Chumps
Malik redd Two Bump Chumps
Devanie Andre Two Bump Chumps
Moisey Two Bump Chumps
Sheridan Andre Two Bump Chumps
Marissa Schroeder Two Bump Chumps
Dalton Rogers Ya Dig
Mikayla Heard Ya Dig
Cassie Leiferman Ya Dig
Brad Drewes Ya Dig
Brittany Musch Ya Dig
Seth grohs Ya Dig
Tyler L Porter Ya Dig
Dana Doane Ya Dig
Marissa Heard Ya Dig
Ian Neal Ya Dig
Carol Walters Ya Dig
Colby wilson You Just Got Served
Janessa wilson You Just Got Served
Stacy Dierks You Just Got Served
Joseph Rees You Just Got Served
Jaygan Eastman You Just Got Served
Mandy Dierks You Just Got Served
Jaclyn Johnson You Just Got Served
Lisa Hutchings You Just Got Served
Will Bennett You Just Got Served
Raychel Bennett You Just Got Served
Tennille Bennett You Just Got Served

Thursday Rec

Brielle Cords Angie’s Angels
Reggie Suess Angie’s Angels
Nick van dam Angie’s Angels
Grace Wylie Angie’s Angels
BJ Wylie Angie’s Angels
Nick Marnin Angie’s Angels
Kim Marnin Angie’s Angels
Jarrett Klinger Block Obama
Jake Anderson Block Obama
Tim Heien Block Obama
Olivia Rausch Block Obama
Eric Regynski Block Obama
Kyle Vander Vorst Block Obama
Rachel Harms Block Obama
Lexi Hanson Block Obama
Erika Johnston Block Obama
Briana Foote Blunt Force Trauma
Jared Foote Blunt Force Trauma
Braden Wathen Blunt Force Trauma
Amanda Schoonhoven Blunt Force Trauma
Sarah Olmschenk Blunt Force Trauma
Dan Matthews Blunt Force Trauma
Ryan Gruber Blunt Force Trauma
Mat Tougas Blunt Force Trauma
Amanda Tougas Blunt Force Trauma
Tyler johnson Each Hit
Lyndsey Meier Each Hit
Stacy Sees Each Hit
Rebekah warnke Each Hit
Owen Labrie Each Hit
Ashley LaBrie Each Hit
Chris Stienstra Each Hit
Megan Jansick Each Hit
Dustin Jansick Each Hit
Amanda Palluck Each Hit
Elle Malmanger Empire Spikes Back
Jessica Madson Empire Spikes Back
Damonn Mischke Empire Spikes Back
Sadie Fuerstenberg Empire Spikes Back
A’Lece Mathison Empire Spikes Back
Jason Meyer Empire Spikes Back
Gabrielle Malmanger Empire Spikes Back
Rebekah Tuchscherer Empire Spikes Back
Rachel Kelley Empire Spikes Back
Brandon Joffer Empire Spikes Back
Samantha Nielson Empire Spikes Back
Cassie Garness Just the Tip
Jason Comes – (JtT Brittany) Just the Tip
Kristina Gonzalez Just the Tip
Casey Just the Tip
Joe Stavig Just the Tip
Amy Foos- Brittany Just the Tip
Erik Foos Just the Tip
Brittany Janssen Just the Tip
Brian Mundahl Just the Tip
Jesseca Mundahl Just the Tip
Brenda Garness Just the Tip
Scott Christensen Just the Tip
Barb Christensen Just the Tip
Jack Garness Just the Tip
Kaycee stavig Just the Tip, Just the Tip
Amanda Ajdari Kiss my nets
Scott Seiner Kiss my nets
Megan Kock Kiss my nets
Bryan Engelhart Kiss my nets
Jenna Engelhart Kiss my nets
Andy Kock Kiss my nets
Jesse Ihnen My couch pulls out but I don’t
Sarah Ihnen My couch pulls out but I don’t
Jeff Pelzer My couch pulls out but I don’t
Angela Pelzer My couch pulls out but I don’t
Amanda Voelker My couch pulls out but I don’t
Cody Voelker My couch pulls out but I don’t
Logan Korthour Notorious D.I.G
TJ Korthour Notorious D.I.G
Lindy Notorious D.I.G
Rachel Thiner Notorious D.I.G
Stephen Lewis Notorious D.I.G
Serkout Aware Notorious D.I.G
Olivia Mayasich Notorious D.I.G
Carolyn Hunter One Bump Chumps
Terry Rennich One Bump Chumps
Sarah Lockwood One Bump Chumps
Gayle Hansen One Bump Chumps
Mitchell Young One Bump Chumps
Taylor Schoenfelder One Bump Chumps
Jennifer Bosch One Bump Chumps
Matt Fodness One Bump Chumps
Daniel Ruggles One Bump Chumps
Alyssa Beard Rouge Hitters
Joseph Swets Rouge Hitters
Heather Wollman Rouge Hitters
Britta Olson Rouge Hitters
Stephen Flicek Rouge Hitters
Justin olson Rouge Hitters
Becca Ideker Rouge Hitters
Beau Davis Rouge Hitters
Tyler Immeker Sand Action Heros
Zach Bolter Sand Action Heros
Cassie starzl Sand Action Heros
Isaac Wellendorf Sand Action Heros
Andrew Nelson Sand Action Heros
Brandi Ramey Sand Action Heros
Jaxon Hogan Sandy Balls
Katie Beckley Sandy Balls
Kelly Gaalswyk Sandy Balls
Heather Kellenberger Sandy Balls
Dillion hrdlicka Sandy Balls
Kris Anderson Sandy Balls
Sara Albers Sandy Balls
Mitch Peterson Sandy Balls
Tina Peterson Sandy Balls
Lucinda Wilson Sandy Cracks
Melissa Bohnenkamp Sandy Cracks
Monica Cross Sandy Cracks
Jerry Crevier Sandy Cracks
Jen Krueger Sandy Cracks
Ashley Pike Sandy Cracks
Beau grode Sandy Cracks
John Grode Sandy Cracks
Connie Gride Sandy Cracks
Al Grode Sandy Cracks
Jeff Grode Sandy Cracks
Christopher Jarman Surly Setters
Akela Jarman Surly Setters
Dani Moe Surly Setters
Kira Stammer Surly Setters
Christina Nelson Surly Setters
Israel Zinns Surly Setters
Milissa Andrajack Surly Setters
Ted VanDerWerff We dig yer ballz
Marshall Lane We dig yer ballz
Amanda Meyer We dig yer ballz
Alyssa Giedd We dig yer ballz
Shelby Meyer We dig yer ballz
Shannon O’Hara We dig yer ballz
Annie Whelden
Kyle Peterson
Tanner Davis
Wild Sets
Wild Sets
Wild Sets
Logan Davis Wild Sets
Katie Murphy Wild Sets
Stevie Knutson Wild Sets
Tyson VandeBerg Wild Sets
Matt Murphy Wild Sets
Megan Kockx Wild Sets

Mens 2v2

Austin Bauer Austin/Dillon
Dillon Dahl Austin/Dillon
Jake Jake/Doug
Jake Jake/Doug
Douglas Jackson Jake/Doug
Jeremiah Helmuth Jeremiah/?
Kyle Fisher Jeremiah/?
Kyle Jeremiah/?
Mark Olson Mark/Zach
Cale Hecht Max/Cale
Max Curran Max/Cale
Paul Keizer Paul/Jordan
Nate Alfson Paul/Jordan
Jordan Olson Paul/Jordan
Jordan Olson Paul/Jordan
Christian Nielsen Travis/Chris
Travis Miller Travis/Chris
zach leonard Zach/Jimmy
James Leonard Zach/Jimmy

Sunday Womens 2v2

Abby Glanzer Cait/Brooklyn
Caitlyn Pruis Cait/Brooklyn
Karrisa Roetman Erica/Karissa
Karrisa Roetman Erica/Karissa
Erica Page Erica/Karissa
Ashlynn Bleeker Hailey/Ashlynn
Hailey Bleeker Hailey/Ashlynn
Jeena Lentz J Squared
Jamie J Squared
Brianna Boelhower Jenny/Brianna
Rachel Hennen Jenny/Brianna
Megan ekern Jessie/Megan
Jessie Ahlers Jessie/Megan
Kjersti Jakober KJ/Laura
Laura Wingert KJ/Laura
Lexi Nettik Lexi/Whitney
Whitney Weber Lexi/Whitney
Rachel Stroschein Traci/Rachel
Rachel Stroschien Traci/Rachel
Traci Smook Traci/Rachel

Sunday Coed BB 2v2

Kathleen Hruska Austin/Kathleen
Austin Bauer Austin/Kathleen
Kjersti Jakober Dayre/KJ
Lexi Nettik Jake/Lexi
Jake Jake/Lexi
Jake Jake/Lexi
Esther Wipf Jeremiah/?
Esther Jeremiah/?
Jeremiah Helmuth Jeremiah/?
Mandy Heins Paul/Mandy

Sunday Coed B 2v2

Alec Griebel Alec/Laura
Hunter Stiles Hunter/Robyn
Robyn Moss Hunter/Robyn
Joe Podzimek Joe/Holly
Holly Podzimek Joe/Holly
Bryce Krieger Kiah/Bryce
Kiah Damme-Krieger Kiah/Bryce
Kiah Damme-Krieger Kiah/Bryce(1)
Dan DiSanto Kira/Dan
Kira Wolf Kira/Dan
Mandy Heins Mandy/Austin
Geneva Olson Mark/Geneva
Mark Olson Mark/Geneva
Steph Bork Matt/Steph
Matt Bork Matt/Steph
Ryan Gruber/Abby Gruber Ryan/Abby