Our inaugural Fall Sand Leagues are open for registration!

We’ve had way too much nice weather with no VB going on in the fall! The leagues will be a condensed 5-6 week regular season, with end of year playoffs. We’ll watch the weather as the season goes along, and be sure we can finish the season. Games will be scheduled at 6:20 – 8:30 so we catch the warm weather of the day.

Monday Nights – Adult Coed 2v2 & Youth girls 2v2
Thursday Nights – Adult Coed 6v6

If you’ve never played 2v2 volleyball, this is a great condensed season to try it out! Its a great workout, plus it makes you much better at all aspects of the VB game! We’ll have Adult Coed 2v2 and also offer a Youth Girls 2v2 league. Our summer leagues has 78 teams in the 2v2 leagues! Playoffs will be split into Upper/Lower so this is great for any level!

Thursday nights will be our traditional Adult 6v6. We’ll have Rec and B Divisions.

Registration deadline is Sept 1 for all leagues. Click here to sign up!