We’re rolling right along this season! Just a few items of note to help make things continue to run smoothly!

  • Please record your games won/lost on the white board on the east side of the concession stand
    • If you forgot to record your score, a note is made under the team standing which game(s) we’re missing
  • Remember, no outside alcohol is allowed on site. Please don’t make us ask you to throw away anything, or worse yet leave the premises
    • Outside water, sports drinks, soda, or food is ok.
    • Please no sunflower seeds unless you have somewhere to dispose of the shells besides in the sand
  • If you need to forfeit, please give us at least a 2 hour heads up. We have many teams traveling 60+ minutes to play.
    • If you have more than 2 forfeits, your team will not be eligible for playoffs
  • Be sure all of your team has signed the roster. If they aren’t on the roster, they won’t be eligible for playoffs.

Thank you!