Digz hosts exciting volleyball events throughout the year. We’ve been helping grow the volleyball community since 2009 and love spreading the joy of the game of volleyball!

In the fall/winter we’ll host 12-14 indoor tournaments a year that brings teams from the 5 state area. Our biggest tournaments will bring 40+ teams.

If you’re just beginning or looking to network with new players, try playing in the MadHatter or “Draw” tournaments. Our Coed 6-on-6 tournaments bring the most teams and best competition. We have different divisions so everyone can enjoy the fun! We’ll also sprinkle in 4-on-4, Reverse 4’s, Hi-Lo and other tournaments to keep you on your toes throughout the indoor season!

And now, in 2019 we’re expanding to Beach volleyball leagues and tournaments! We’re hosting beach leagues 5 days a week and you can be sure we’ll be bringing exciting tournaments and events in 2019 and the years to come! You can choose from Coed, Men’s, Women’s and Doubles leagues.